have you got the heart, the intention, the sense of humour, the ahem...knife skills...to run our kitchen?


Before you answer that question, maybe ask yourself this question.

'How do you feel about our prevailing food culture?' 

If you come up with something like...

I feel it’s time to get back to real food, where farmers farm in accordance with nature, where fruits and vegetables are allowed to be what they are, where the food we eat is actually capable of nourishing us, where we eat to share, to love, to connect and to nourish ourselves.








Then you feel the way we feel, read on ...

estabar vision:

Remember walking into your grandma’s house? You were always welcome, you were always a special guest. Grandma simultaneously wanted to feed you good food and spoil you rotten. That’s what we want customers of estabar to feel like.

estabar mission:

We value authenticity. The products we choose, the farmers, makers and creators we work with & the team we build.  We are all driven by passion and purpose for the greater good. This foundation delivers food that will nourish the eater and the environment (and coffee that will deliver the inspiration or the daydream our customers are searching for.) 

purpose of role:

We need a new esta to take control of our kitchen.  Days and hours are flexible, but the outcome is not negotiable - a clean, ordered, well stocked kitchen producing beautiful, delicious and nutritious food consistently and on-time to feed our community.

Key Tasks:


  • All ingredients are handled with care and served at their best
  • Meals are prepared quickly, consistently and beautifully
  • We have what we need for service, stock levels are managed closely 
  • New season dishes are designed, tested, costed and planned by you


  • Keep your kitchen, storage and work areas clean, organised & super presentable
  • Constantly look to improve kitchen workflow systems
  • Know who produces food for estabar, be ready and able to discuss their intention and produce as often as opportunity presents
  • If something breaks, organise for it to be fixed - ideally before it's totally buggered


  • Be a part of your team, help and support and participate as required and as able
  • Develop your kitchen teams' skills, monitor and guide performance
  • Share ideas for improvement across all areas of the cafe


  • A cafe is a small community, we need you to participate and support that community by getting to know its members, caring for them and serving them well


If you’re the one, please email your resume and cover letter to hellobecbowie@gmail.com

Looking forward to meeting you,