The Start of Something Great: estabar is Hiring

Hey there,  

It’s great you’re interested in joining our team. 

Here’s a bit about what this role as manager of estabar looks like:

Estabar Vision:

Remember walking into your grandma’s house? You were always welcome, you were always a special guest. Grandma simultaneously wanted to feed you good food and spoil you rotten. That’s what we want customers of estabar to feel like.

Estabar Mission:

We value authenticity. The products we choose, the farmers, makers and creators we work with & the team we build.  We are all driven by passion and purpose for the greater good. This foundation delivers food that will nourish the eater and the environment and coffee that will deliver the inspiration or the daydream our customers are searching for. 

Purpose of Role:

This café functions very effectively. Your job is to keep it greased up and heading for ‘grandma’s place’ and beyond. ‘Beyond’ refers to the possibilities your personal energy and experiences will bring to our space.  

If you’re right for this role:

  • Environmental and social responsibility will be important to you
  • You’ll enjoy solving problems and crafting a better way
  • You’ll have a visionary and diplomatic communication style
  • You will be logical and organized
  • You will understand and feel aligned with our food and service values 
  • You’ll be excitable
  • You will be warm and engaging
  • You will be open to suggestions and receiving help
  • You’ll have a solid hospitality background

Key Tasks:

Team Management

Roles: Ensure each team member intimately understands their role – and they do it to the very best of their abilities.  More than that, they understand their team-mates roles and they help – because they believe in the team.

Training and development: Give team members and your team the opportunity to be their best. Plan for it and make it an ongoing priority.

Communication: Keep your team up-to-date, informed and involved.

Rosters: Create a weekly roster, one week or more in advance.  Provide certainty and flexibility for your team.  Be aware of team members future plans.  Work to our budget and our projected revenue.

Team Meetings: Hold them monthly, make them fun and to the point with demonstrable outcomes.  Foster our culture where ideas and participation are encouraged.

Business Growth

  • Grow our tribe, more like-minded people who enjoy and benefit from our little community.
  • Grow our team, professionally and personally where appropriate.
  • Share our story and be part of growing it.

Estabar Experience

  • There’s the math: products need to be prepped, served and presented correctly and ‘on time’. 

  • There’s the feeling: music, cleanliness, order, ambient temperature, airflow, engagement, atmosphere.

Day to day

  • Estabar has to look and feel good, ‘presentation is (almost) everything.’ 
  • Everything has to work and it has to be clean. Each day you will work to a schedule, follow it and have high standards.
  • Look for opportunities to minimize waste and follow existing procedure.
  • There are going to be problems, be ready for them.
  • When it comes to ordering, you will manage the team, your systems and your suppliers so you always have what we need.
  • Your team needs you – to support them on shift, to offer guidance, acknowledgement and encouragement – be there and do that.


  • Oversee end of day til breakdown and z-read reporting
  • Banking and weekly reporting - monitor and action variances, daily-taking averages, average spend, revenue projections, safe cash handling.
  • Keep the POS up to date and correct, frequently review reporting to inform, acknowledge and encourage staff and to make product and service decisions.
  • Share complaints and compliments with our team, make sure both are acknowledged and actioned in a way that improves our overall performance, culture and connection with our customers.

Salary: negotiable

If you’re convinced you’re the one, please email your resume and cover letter to

Looking forward to meeting you,


- Bec Bowie