Stop for a coffee, make a life long friend

Margaret has been a much-loved customer of ours since the very beginning of Estabar.

She likes her coffee a very particular way and comes in at roughly the same time each day. With love and laughter that shows no discretion, Margaret lifts our spirits with every visit.

Last year I asked her to meet with me once a week to teach me about the world. Margaret comes with her books, her world map and her notes in hand. Accompanied by a passionate, broad knowledge and interest in all world events and issues.

She says she's lucky, her father encouraged her education. Her first husband supported her desire to take on a university degree while they raised their three children and after his sad, sudden death, her second husband showed her the world.

Imagine if we never looked further than Margaret's coffee order? Imagine if we never asked her more than just "how are you today?". We would have missed the pure gold that is Margaret Eley

For the past 13 years Margaret has had a nemesis at estabar, a mysterious person who frequently 'knocks off' the Financial Review or even worse, just rips out the editorial. "Who is this person?" she asks us! Who would do that! Two people high on her suspicious list were Bob and Keith, the three of them often juggle the papers between them, patiently (read impatiently) waiting for the Fin Review. This person is still out there. We've confirmed it's neither Bob or Keith. Is it you?

A heartfelt thank you to Margaret and all of you, for the love and laughter you bring to estabar.

Margaret Eley.

Margaret drinks estabar coffee at home too. She will have all up 4-5 coffee's a day. Margaret is a firm believer that coffee helps her keep her mind active, and knowing all the community work and social commitments Margaret has, we suspect it keeps her busy too.